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RE: Oak Leaves submission: Spring issue

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 9:41 AM

Thank  you for your submission. I’ve put it in the hopper for the Spring issue. Your list of published works is quite impressive; we don’t require any such background for publishing in OL, but may I suggest you join the Bardic Guild. They published a songbook a few years ago and I don’t see why they couldn’t also publish a poetry anthology as well. You may even wish to contact the Chronicler (adf-chronicler@adf.org) about publishing books with ADF Publishing.

-Steph Gooch

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 22:27:24 -0800
From: brigidsblest@yahoo.com
Subject: Oak Leaves submission: Spring issue
To: oak-leaves@adf.org

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Lawrence and I hope you will consider my poem “Homecoming”, on the myth of Demeter and Persephone, for submission in the upcoming Spring issue of Oak Leaves.  Previously, my poem “Song for Brigid at Imbolc” was published in the most recent issue (Winter).

I have been writing poetry since I was very young, and count myself fortunate that other people don’t think I suck at it.  🙂  Some of my published works include “Pomegranate”, a poem on the myth of Persephone, in the anthology Jabberwocky 4;  “Dahut’s Curse” (published in the September 2009 issue of Cabinet Des Fées); “Tam Lin’s Garden” (published in the Autumn 2009 issue of the webzine Goblin Fruit); “Diamonds and Toads” (published in the March 2009 issue of the webzine Aphelion); “Lady of the Cedars” and “The Death of Actaeon” in the anthology Unbound, published in May 2009 by Bibliotheca Alexandrina; “Apology to Hekate”, published in the devotional anthology “Bearing Torches”, published in 2009 by Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the poem “Herne,” originally published by the webzine Eternal Haunted Summer for their Winter Solstice 2009 issue and then accepted for publication in the anthology “Hoofprints in the Wildwood” by Gullinbursti Press. My poem “Persephone’s Dilemma” won the 2009 Naukrateia writing contest held by Neos Alexandria. I have also recently had a run of poems published in The Troth’s magazine Idunna: “Odin’s Call” in issue #81, “In Utgard-Loki’s Hall” in issue #83, and “Gudrun’s Lament on Her Deathbed” in issue #85. (I have also begun writing a regular column on herbalism for that publication, beginning in issue #88.)

My thanks,

Jennifer Lawrence




The price of your return is this:

To know it is never permanent.

Still, I run to meet you as you emerge from the darkness,

Cloaked first in the shadows that seem to cling to you,

Loving, as he can never love you,

Adoring, as the whole world adored you,

Stubborn, as I have been stubborn,

Ready to destroy everything living

To have you by my side again.

I leap to embrace you,

One with the sun

(The sun which also leaps to embrace you,

As the grass around your ankles–

Newly sprouted–

Surges to hold the bare soles of your feet)

And whirl you into my arms.

The birds break into an epiphany of joy

Flowers bloom where your shadow passes

(As if even that brief whisper of darkness

Is fruitful, where His darkness is not)

And all the world rejoices with me.

Daughter, Kore, Spring child,

I can smell the scent of pomegranate on your lips

As I fold you to my bosom,

And it–sweet as no other sweetness

(Not honey,

Not apples,

Not the light of Helios himself)

–can ever be

Is all too bitter a reminder:

In six short months, I must lose you again.

Therefore, let us go now,

Down through the meadows,

Down to the riverbank,

Down where the fertile mud cakes between our toes

And wash away that darkness that clings to you

So I can pretend–at least for a little while–

That you are only and ever mine,

And I will never have to say good-bye again.



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